Hezbollah could be targeted with ban by Switzerland: Reports

By Matthew Amlôt - AL Arabiya -

Switzerland could move to ban the Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah, following a similar decision taken by its neighbor, Germany, The Jerusalem Post reported Saturday.

The Federal Council of Switzerland, the collective head of state in the country, has agreed to review a new application entitled ‘Report on the activities of the Shi’ite Islamist Hezbollah in Switzerland.’ The new law could lead to the organization being banned from Switzerland, with its access to bank accounts and assets seized and frozen within the country.

“On April 30, 2020, Germany banned all activities of the Shi'ite Islamist Hezbollah. Germany justified the decision with the fact that Hezbollah is calling for armed struggle and rejecting Israel's right to exist,” the initiative read, the Post reported.

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